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Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 - Opel
Opel GT X Experimental Availability

It would be nice that one day we could drive it exactly like that, as you can see in the picture. Instead, some details will have to disappear, in favor of more traditional solutions. The Opel GT X Experimental also lacks the exterior mirrors, replaced by retractable mini-cameras. After all, Russelsheim makes no secret of understanding their futuristic prototype exclusively as a graphic preview of their future models. Strictly electric propulsion, Opel GT X is not actually even intended for mass production: it is a photo model, and if the aim was to attract attention, it succeeded.

The GT X Experimental is classified by the same Opel as a gritty Suv coupé to which the whole new range will be inspired in the near future. It is, therefore, to be expected that the zero-emission range will be implemented (the PACE! Plan includes an electric version for each Opel model by 2024) and a high rate of technology, but apparently also by the rather audacious design. An example for everyone? The new Opel Corsa will be the most technological ever with the opportunity to have, as an option, optional LED matrix headlights (a technological rarity reserved for high-end flagships) and will initially only be sold in its 100% electric version. The recall of the GT X, renamed Vizor, is already clear on the new subcompact, with the thinnest grid and the reversed “L” headlights a distinctive feature of the new Opel family feeling.

Opel GT X Experimental Design

The Opel GT X Experimental is a compact SUV, only 406 cm long, built on a lightweight architecture and clinging to the ground with  17-inch wheels. Exactly, the wheels look much bigger: 17 “wheels instead increase the comfort on the road, and at the same time delight the side profile, no handles, and doors that open up to 90 degrees cabinet, without any central support pillar. Overall, its silhouette expresses decisive cuts and is recognized for the clear graphic separation between the upper and lower areas. The downside, the GT X is painted in a bright light gray, while the whole top (bonnet, windows, and roofing included) are dark blue.

The GT X Experimental takes a modern concept of a concept very dear to Opel, already seen on the first series of the Manta of 1970. It is called  “Bussola” and is an effect that organizes the stylistic elements along two axes that intersect on the “Blitz”, the classic Opel logo in the shape of Lightning. The central fold of the bonnet forms the vertical axis, which continues under the Blitz, while the front optical groups represent the horizontal axis. With the Opel logo placed at the intersection of these two lines. The Opel Compass is also present at the rear where the horizontal line of the lights at the wing and the vertical one that starts from the antenna in the shape of the roof fin up to the fold that divides the bumper, focus the attention on the Opel logo.

Opel GT X Experimental Interior

The interior of the Opel GT X Experimental follows the same principles of the bodywork, ie adopting a visual and digital detoxification approach. Surrounded by the panoramic windscreen and the side windows, the interiors design slender shapes and accommodate highly innovative solutions: like the dashboard enclosed in a single module that recalls the Opel Vizor, or the “Pure Panel”. A single, wide screen allows the driver to have access to all the necessary information, eliminating any potential source of distraction.

Opel GT X Experimental Availability


Two words, finally, on the dynamic: Opel GT X Experimental is an electric car whose power is generated by a compact lithium-ion battery of the latest generation of 50 kWh with inductive charging. Therefore, the area previously contained in the grid must no longer allow a flow of fresh air into the engine compartment. Opel GT X does not pretend to offer a fully autonomous driving, limiting itself to an autonomous driving of Level 3 . To sit at the controls, there will be even more taste.


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