New Ford Fiesta ST 2020 Review – Still The Best of Small Hatch?

Thursday, October 10th, 2019 - Ford
Ford Fiesta ST 2019 Model Lineup


She lost a cylinder, now they are 3 and not 4, and the 1,600 cc to 1,500 cc capacity has also fallen. The fact is that after testing the previous Ford Fiesta ST200, in my opinion, the best compact sports on the market, the expectations for the new model could only be very high. Will she still be the queen of the hot hatch compact?

To answer the question, first of all, we clarify one thing: even if you hit a cylinder less now there is a double variable phasing (a gem) and the horses have not decreased, there are always 200, there is still a turbo to pump hard. The 3-cylinder responds with a vigor and a progression so homogeneous and full-bodied up to 6,500 turns of the instrument not to regret the old fractionation. Also because 6.5 seconds for the “0-100” and a good 232 km / h maximum point are numbers of a certain level.

The frame, then, is sharpened like the sword of Ghemon. The precise and very direct steering (just two turns of steering wheel to rotate it all) allows me to put the wheels where I want. The only commitment is to identify the ideal rope point. The eventual skating at the exit is managed by the irreproachable work of the mechanical self-locking differential, which, together with the Torque Vectoring, guarantee maximum grip.

To keep the rear at bay (there is a twisting bridge) they think of unprecedented springs that are more rigid and light than 10 kg compared to the traditional ones. All the set-up has been revised and lowered but the nice thing is when you decide to get serious about the rear, just like on the old model, it accompanies you in the entry of the curve slipping in a controlled way to allow you to close the trajectory first.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Redesign and Changes

I love this car, it reminds me of the Tasmanian devil. Do you know what it is? It ‘a marsupial as big as a beagle but so fierce and badass to be feared by animals much larger. Well the Ford Fiesta ST 2020 follows the same philosophy. Small, compact but damn effective on a curvy road like this. Probably I would take the step of a sport from cavalry even double.

And there is also the launch control. In Sport and Circuit, a valve opens in the exhaust system, and the “voice” of the 3-cylinder becomes even more engaging. Turning off all the controls is like and sitting on an erupting volcano. Pure adrenaline. The trips out of town will be your fixed nail on the weekend.

then it is comfortable, the sporting attitude is not felt too much even on the pavé, does not punish the back. The seats by Recaro are very enveloping, it is true, but do not bother in the ups and downs. Only the exhaust continues to have a beautiful, spooky voice.

Answer the Lane Keeping System that keeps the car in the lane, the Traffic Sign Recognition that recognizes the road signs, the blind spot monitoring system, the Rear camera, the warning of fatigue and, hearing, also the system that deactivates a cylinder when the city goes slowly. For the benefit of consumers.

As I see it, the new Ford Fiesta ST 2020 reconfirms all the sportiness of the previous version by pointing straight to the queen crown of the category even with one cylinder less. Now it also has a level of comfort and all the technology needed to drive calmly.

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