2020 Suzuki Jimny Review -Design, Dimensions, 4X4 & More

Thursday, October 24th, 2019 - Suzuki
2020 Suzuki Jimny Release Date and Price

The 2020 Suzuki Jimny is something else, who knows her knows it well, who have never tried it, no. It has the capabilities that most general compact SUVs do not have, but driving it requires a minimum of adaptation to a technical project designed more for the dirt road than for the asphalt.

The sudden changes of direction, for example, are not its forte, because of a steering by a somewhat vague response to a certain inertia in realigning itself. It is rather demultiplied, adjusted to the needs of off-road vehicles. Not that control is lacking, it is clear, but direct steering is another matter.

In traffic, the Suzuki Jimny is an agile means, offers a lot of visibility on the road and you can park anywhere, both for the compact size and the height from the ground, useful in creative parking lots. But there are no sensors or the parking camera to help you. But they are not needed, because thanks to the large mirrors and the large windows, the liveability is also very maneuvering.

2020 Suzuki Jimny Performance

By staying on the road, it improves a little comfort. Both in the calibration of the shock absorbers and in the isolation from the external noises of the Suzuki passenger compartment. Accelerating filter noises and vibrations from the engine, which, for now, is a must: 1.5 petrol aspirated 102 hp and 130 Nm of torque that come, all together, only at 4,000 rpm. A little ‘more muscle down would not hurt, sincerely, while the 102 horses seem enough to move 1165 kilos in off-road gear, which prefers regularity to brilliance.


If you are looking for a soft change, from the implants that seem soapy, you have a car wrong. The 5-speed manual of the Jimny gives feelings of the past, with the oblong lever and its mechanical feedback. The integral titration can be entered manually, even when driving, otherwise, it is driven by the rear-wheel drive. To do this there is no longer the electric control but a special lever in the central tunnel: old school.

2020 Suzuki Jimny Release Date and Price

The four-wheel drive of the 2020 Suzuki Jimny itself is sufficient to tackle much of a challenging off-road course like that of this test in Sardinia, which winds through the trails behind the Gulf of Arzachena to the track of the special San Giacomo trial, passing through the slopes of Monte Pinu, where the most critical passages nestle. The work up to the traction control does not regret the absence of a self-locking, but bumps and slopes become harder and you advance with a throttle, the shorter transmission ratios of the reduced gears become decisive to always have the couple needed to get by. In the steepest descents, then, you can rely on the speed regulator, which is standard.

2020 Suzuki Jimny Ground Clearance

Even when walking on the rocks, Jimny does not miss a step. The favor its odds, or angles of attack and exit generous, respectively of 37 and 49 degrees, while the angle of (raised) is 28 degrees. Not to mention the light on the ground, increased by two centimeters, reaching a height of 21.

For the harder offroad it would be worthwhile to bet on more sculpted and more specialized tires than the standard Bridgestone Dueler 195/80 15, which nevertheless took a hit in the test. The Suzuki series package remains remarkable, even more so now that its long-known performance adds a lot of styles and a pinch of technology.

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