2020 Mercedes CLA First Impression: Pretty and Smart!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes CLA MSRP and Equipment

A car to look at, a car to drive, a car to live. In one word: wearable. That’s right, like a smartwatch or a pedometer. The 2020 Mercedes CLA is not only the most modern and sporty coupe in its class but also the smartest: from the MBUX  system to gestural commands, to augmented reality applied to navigation, from the understanding of indirect voice commands, up to the Energizing Coach with tips customized for fitness (about wearable). The debut at  CES  in Las Vegas: for the competition, from May 2019.

Design – Modern

CLA second generation (the first dates back to 2013) convinces above all for its clean and seductive design. Very long hood, compact upper part, wide track with protruding wheel arches and typical GT tail, with very pronounced shoulders. A direct consequence of the style, the aerodynamic Cx records: 0.23. Measures? 4.69 meters long, 1.83 meters wide, 1.44 meters high, 2.73 meters of wheelbase. The combination of the elongated profile above the windows and the frameless doors gives in particular to CLA an unmistakable mix of elegance and sporting character. At the front, flat headlights, engine hood as recessed and “Matrix” radiator grille with central star. At the rear, narrow and double lights and plate moved into the bumper: so the tail looks even wider.

2020 Mercedes CLA Interior

In the cabin, all the elements speak the hi-tech language. As for Class A, the model with which the new Mercedes CLA shares the mechanical platform, the heart of the architecture is the dashboard that completely renounces the classic cover cap, with a widescreen display as “suspended”. L ‘ of atmosphere lighting reinforces this effect, while another treat is the vents reminiscent of the turbines of the aircraft.

Driving Assistance – MBUX 2.0

We mentioned the MBUX.  The most up-to-date version is installed on the 2020 Mercedes CLA, in particular, the voice assistant “Hey Mercedes” is now able to recognize much more complex questions, and no longer influence the conversations of passengers. The MBUX 2.0 also recognizes movements: it allows, for example, to change the content of the screen simply by bringing one hand close to the touchscreen of the dashboard, or to the touchpad on the center console. Last but not least is the Energizing Coach, service based on an intelligent algorithm that recommends one of the available programs of Energizing packages (ventilation and massages) according to the situation and personal needs.

useless to say that the new Mercedes-Benz CLA  is equipped with the latest generation driving assistance systems. The active assistance system for distonic distance adjustment is able to modify the speed in advance of curves, crossings or roundabouts, a function to which are added the emergency braking systems and active assistance when changing lanes, particularly intuitive. The anti-skid system active (standard) can signal to the driver, in the interval between 60 and 200 km / h, the accidental abandonment of the lane with a slight vibration of the steering wheel: if the car also crosses a continuous line of demarcation, it is in able to bring it back into the track by breaking the wheels on the same side. Another example of intelligence? The  Multibeam LED headlamps (on request) that allow the electronic lights to adapt to the traffic conditions.

2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Price in Australia

2020 Mercedes CLA Powertrain: 225 Horsepower With 7G-DCT Transmission

Last but not least, engines. In Las Vegas, the new Mercedes CLA is on display with the 225 hp four-cylinder ( CLA 250 ) petrol unit and  350 Nm of torque, the 7G-DCT dual clutch automatic transmission. As for the rest of the engines, initially, it will be the same diesel and petrol range of sister Class A ( including AMG editions  ), plus a plug-in hybrid alternative later in time, since the Class A mechanics is ready to ‘electrification. Rear or full 4Matic traction. Welcome to society, beauty.

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