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2019 SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 RYUYO TEST – A RACING SOUL – We were the first to give you complete, precise and preview information on the new track bike derived from the Suzuki GSX-R1000R, here we are to test it at the Mugello Circuit. Strong of 212 HP of power for 168 kg of weight, the Ryuyo, set up by Suzuki Italy, aims straight to the heart of the most hardened geeks.

The 2019 SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 RYUYO special for track use has unrivaled components, taken at the hands of the best suppliers. Yoshimura signs the electronics and the exhaust, Öhlins embellishes the chassis and Brembo, obviously, provides the braking system. The tires are Dunlop, Motul lubricants, Extreme Components provides the hulls in carbon and many other details, while the dealership Burani Moto has taken care of the development and testing of the vehicle. Bonamici Racing, Euro Racing, DID and K&N complete the list of suppliers.

baptized with the name of the track that since the 50s hosts the testing of all the Suzuki motorcycles, and which reproduces the Mountain Circuit, the circuit of the Isle of Man, the Suzuki Ryuyo is a racing bike made and finished. In defense of the engine, the new Suzuki mounts Ergal protections machined from solid, verified effectiveness with special crash tests. The complete Yoshimura R-11 SQ Racing Full Titanium 4-in-1 exhaust allows a 5.9 kg saving compared to the standard system.

The exhaust, combined with the Yoshimura EM-PRO racing control unit, allows you to gain 10 HP of power to reach peak values of 212 hp at 12,900 rpm and 125 Nm of torque at 10,300 rpm. In addition to the complete management of the engine, the Yoshimura EM-PRO control unit allows you to record two completely customized maps, adjust the engine brake on 3 levels and set the pit limiter. The Yoshimura racing harness replaces the original one, following the elimination of lights, arrows, and horns to the advantage of saving weight on the weighing pan.

Complications in the increase in power are the K & N racing air filter and Motul 300V2 10W50 lubricant. The first is made of double-layer cotton fabric and is able to get to the engine up to 20% more air than a standard air filter. The second is based on organic, developed to enhance the power at the highest levels and the torque to the bass: made with renewable bases and a limited use of raw materials of fossil origin, the Motul 300V2 also has a reduced environmental impact, which it never hurts.


Euro Racing signs the Gas Rapido EVO3 command, made of aluminum alloy machined from solid. It allows you to customize the answer by means of three rings of different diameters: a small (black), offers a sensitivity identical to that of the original commands; an average (silver), produces a semi-rapid command; a large (gold), gives maximum responsiveness for the purely competitive use. DID 520 ERV 3 is the racing transmission, derived from the experience of the brand in the MotoGP and SBK world championships.

a name that needs no introduction, the 2019 SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 RYUYO chassis set up for track use uses Öhlins components. The mono shock is an Öhlins TTX GP 2018, while in the fork there are now cartridges Öhlins NIX30, in which the compression damping occurs in the left leg while the right one works on the damping in extension. This solution allows having all the adjustments positioned in the upper part of the fork, together with the registers for the spring preload.

The Öhlins SD030 steering shock absorber is also of the same brand, with wide adjustment possibilities. To meet the individual needs of the buyers, Andreani will provide a customized set-up to Ryuyo customers, granting the chassis the weight and the driving style of the rider.

The tires are also special: the front is the new Dunlop KR109, which pairs with the Dunlop KR108 rear (in the 125/80 -17 and 205/60 -17 sizes). Not yet on the market, this tire has so far only been used in some national championships and the Suzuki Ryuyo is the first series motorcycle in the world to be equipped.

Another world premiere for a standard motorcycle is the Brembo RCS Corsa Corta radial brake master cylinder, equipped with an idle stroke register. The braking connection is thus adjusted on three levels: the position R (Race) minimizes the pre-stroke for maximum responsiveness of the command; the position S (Sport) offers an intermediate feeling, while the position N (Normal) increases the modulation and sweetness of the intervention.

The idle speed adjuster is added to the adjustment of the lever distance from the handlebar – which is carried out via a remote control on the left handlebar – and the pump axis: the known RCS system (Ratio Click System) offers two different positions, 18 mm to increase the modularity and 20 mm for maximum system readiness.

And for a really super braking, the pads are exactly the same ones used by the SBK World Cup: the Z04. They offer maximum resistance to the fading effect in combination with the Extreme Components brake caliper heat sinks, which lower the operating temperature of the brake calipers and oil by 20 degrees.

Complete the equipment with the GP handlebars, also used in MotoGP and Moto2, Extreme Components GP Evo platforms, protection of the aluminum brake lever used in the SBK world and kevlar frame guards. Beautiful the top steering plate made by Bonamici Racing, which improves the stiffness and stability of the bike, ensuring greater feeling in the changes of direction.


The price for the first 20 copies produced is 29,990 euros. 2019 SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 RYUYO will be marketed soon. and will be available in the dealerships chosen by Suzuki.

2019 SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 RYUYO Review

The driving position of the Ryuyo is hard and pure Racer. The saddle is high and leads to load the weight on the wrists, feeling slightly muffled by semi dumbbells very “open” as it is due to the sports of the two thousand years. The adjustable footrests (6 positions) help to sew the Ryuyo on. The tallest, like our Marco Lietti (1.91 m), will be happy to know that there is plenty of space to crouch behind the fairing and back on the saddle making the Ryuyo a bike suitable for riders of all sizes.

2019 SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 RYUYO Engine Performance

From the first meters crossed between the curbs of the Mugello, it is clear that the power made available by the four-cylinder Hamamatsu is enough to pass easily any old sports just a few years. The delivery is fluid throughout the arc of the tachometer, never brusque but always vigorous, also thanks to a truly innovative electronics that only intervenes when strictly necessary. What about the soundtrack offered by the Yoshimura R11 exhaust, the Ryuyo darted with a unique tonality, made educated by the DB killer.

The operation of the quick shifter, with Blipper, that we liked so much in the standard version of Gixxer is also perfect on Ryuyo, at the limit of surgical precision. The changes take place with an impressive speed and fluidity, never affecting the stability of the bike. At Arrabiate having a precise bike like a blade is definitely a plus.


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