2019 Opel Combo Life Review: Specs, Performance, Price

Saturday, September 15th, 2018 - Opel
2019 Opel Combo Life 4X4 Capability

Please, do not call it “Van”. Even the civilian work-wear label fits it tightly: inside and outside the 2019 Opel Combo Life, the rate of technology is now at the level of the most modern cars. Compared to the previous generation (Combo D, 2011), a commercial model of Fiat derivation, the evolution is almost total. Yes, because with the entry of Opel in the PSA Group, which in the Van B segment is the absolute leader, the fifth edition of Opel Combo was born from the first sketches as “passenger”, that is in all respects as a vehicle for transporting people.

2019 Opel Combo Life Dimensions

New Opel Combo Life measures 4.40 meters in length in the standard version and 4.75 meters in XL edition, an alternative to the step that grows in turn from 2.79 to 2.98 meters. Both Combo Life size M and the older brother XL, at will receive 5 or 7 seats on board. Particularly not negligible, the shape of the rear seat (in addition to the subdivision 60/40) also exists in three comfortable single seats, each with Isofix attachments.

load capacity of 597 liters, 850 liters on the long version. Combo Life can also house objects up to 3.05 meters long. The maxi tailgate has a perfectly regular shape, while the low load threshold facilitates the storage of luggage, boxes and so on. On request, the independently opening rear window is very practical to drop objects from above.

It was said of the design, certainly more by car than by commercial Van: high bonnet with limited overhang, square grille, and grille with chrome inserts. Not to mention the classic LED light signature for daytime running lights, a luxury for such a car. Sidelines in turn, rocky, convex wheel arches: that Combo Life “suffers” the success of the SUV?

Safety & Features

As per the script, the spaces and the ergonomics of the interiors are specially designed to guarantee maximum comfort and ease of management. Altogether 28 of the storage compartments, a huge one obtained from the central tunnel: contains up to 2 water bottles of 1.5 liters. In turn, the panoramic glass roof (optional) with a central “aisle” totally illuminated by LED hides an unsuspected canopy. Even from the trunk ceiling, Combo Life gets a real mezzanine, accessible both from the inside and by lifting the tailgate from the outside: ideal for storing, without any problem, a wet umbrella without dripping on the seats.

2019 Opel Combo Life Interior Review

there are no discounts on safety: as standard, a collision alert with pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, driver fatigue, and lane maintenance alert are standard features. In newer Opel Combo Life adds to the cart the 180 ° rear camera and the special Flank Guard, 12 sensors that cover the entire perimeter of the car, and thus allow maneuvers in absolute safety, with no theme of cruciate. Under infotainment, the new Opel Combo Life 2018 finally responds with a touch screen from 8 inches (compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink ) capacitive type: you will not, therefore, need to press the screen strongly, just touch it.

2019 Opel Combo Life Engine Specs & Performance

The engine range initially sees 3 diesel and 2 petrol options. The 1.5 turbodiesels are declined in the powers of 75 and 100 hp with 5-speed manual transmission and 130 hp with the 6-speed manual transmission or 8-speed automatic transmission. In contrast, the 1.2 turbo gasoline from 110 hp (later also the 130 hp) is handled exclusively by the 6-speed manual. In order to tackle any terrain, the IntelliGrip traction management system is available, which takes care of spreading the torque on the axles according to the road surfaces covered, and getting out unscathed from complicated situations such as sand, mud or snow.

2019 Opel Combo Life Price

In the Advance or Innovation configuration, the 2019 Opel Combo Life is already on sale, prices starting at € 21,400 for the petrol range and € 25,900 for a diesel engine. 1,200 euros more for the body with a long wheelbase, 1,500 euros the surcharge instead for the automatic transmission with 8 speeds. In the launch phase, that is to say until October 2018, Combo Life 1.2 Turbo is in promotion starting from 16,900 euros.

Driving Experience

The driving position is high and certainly not sporty, however, the triangulation with the steering wheel (quite vertical) and pedals do not regret having preferred Opel Combo to a more traditional multi-space setting. All the controls are close at hand, the gearshift is included, furthermore, the peripheral visibility (once in a while) is excellent, both thanks to the distance from the ground of our visual cone, and thanks to a wide and orthogonal window. The board space? That more than that you can not, among other things, any guests also enjoy two sliding doors, one on each side.

start driving 2019 Opel Combo Life 1.5 Turbo Diesel, the version with manual transmission (5-speed). Technology has taken giant steps, and the noise typical of old four-cylinder diesel engines is only a distant memory. The car starts quietly, inside instead penetrate some aerodynamic noise, given a shape not exactly modeled by the wind tunnel. A little bad.

I’m on board the centerline diesel, the 102 hp engine at 3,500 rpm and 250 Nm torque at 1,750 rpm. Values more than enough to resume with brio out of a roundabout, or along a highway access ramp. As long as the steering wheel is straight, everything is ok, even more. Stable, well-cushioned, well-equipped, the Opel for prolific families perform real-life van duties. The digital endowment is then so rich and practical (very good the touch display) to engage passengers even on international journeys.

As the road twists, clearly Combo Life exposes some limits. Due not so much to the mechanical scheme (the EMP2 platform is a guarantee of precision), as to its height from the ground and to a roadway not suitable to neutralize the rolling in the phase of fast corners. Sensations that in any case can affect driving only when fully loaded: if you are traveling in a vacuum, Combo is on the road like a sedan, or almost.

Before returning to base, I try to undermine the electronic driver assistance systems. Well, the Opel Eye has gained experience on family SUVs, and even when called to watch the march of Opel Combo is fully reliable. Attentive to the road signs the Traffic Sign Recognition, Solerte to bring me back in the lane the Lane Keep Assist. And with the Head-up display, every information is always there in front of you. Ops, mobile phone download: it will mean that I will also try the induction charging. That works, and how if it works.

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