2019 Citroen Berlingo XL Multispace: Good 7-Seater Vans

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2019 Citroen Berlingo XL Interior & Safety Features

Stretching 35 cm make the difference between a spacious car and a small van, which is the 2019 Citroen Berlingo XL: for all the Berlingo 7 seats. 4.75 meters long (compared with 4.40 for the Berlingo 5 seats), the New Citroen Berlingo multispace in its three-row version can carry up to six passengers. But when he undressed the role of the coach is a car as versatile as a few, seasoned by the Citroen design, now more marked on the Berlingo for the attention to detail and for the insertion of the Airbump.

It ‘a style almost Like Giant SUV, that of the new Berlingo and sitting, high and dominant, you fall right into that universe. Going up and down, however, is much easier than on an SUV thanks to the wide opening of the doors, entry of a rather refined cabin, where we find references to the Cactus, for exam,ple the strap that finishes the glove compartment in front of the passenger, but also pleasant color contrasts on the seat upholstery and various aluminum-effect inserts. Sciccherie that, once, the cars of commercial extraction could only dream of.

I lost count of the storage compartments: they even appear under the feet of the front passenger, above the head of the rear passengers, in the ceiling light opening closets in each area of the car. They will be almost 200 liters, divided into Lilliputian compartments, which are added to those of the trunk, ranging from a minimum of 850 to a maximum of almost 2700 in this long version of the Berlingo. Numbers apart, these are very exploitable volumes; folding the seats of the Berlingo is quick and easy thanks to the retractable rear bench with three individual seats (standard on the sample under test). Overturning the saddlery is obtained a flat loading floor that, on the 2019 Citroen Berlingo XL, allows you to put long necks up to over three meters.

The extra centimeters must be managed in traffic and in tight spaces: no panic! Sensors and camera with 360 ° view (alas, both optional) help me in maneuvering, like the generous visibility enjoyed by the wheel of the Berlingo. The guide is not so different from the usual. Once you get used to the clutch pedal, rather muscular in the return, only to the roll (unavoidable for a vehicle with these forms) and to the steering (not very progressive) you must make the tare.

2019 Citroen Berlingo XL Engine & Fuel Economy

However, the structure does not make the Berlingo pendant and, where permitted, it is allowed to push. Of course, the 1.5 HP HDi 100 hp does what it can and the best in the city, with its push to the bass. Consumption is well defended in the voice : despite the amount to move and especially the unfavorable aerodynamics this diesel has guaranteed me an average distance of 14 km/liter. Having to travel thick at full load, however, I would certainly focus on the most powerful version, 130 hp, to avoid worries.

2019 Citroen Berlingo XL Towing Capacity

safety is good – 19 driving-aid technologies range from color head-up displays to active safety brakes, from adaptive cruise control to lane maintenance, to the recognition of road signs and limits. of speed – less the acoustics, sensitive to the aerodynamic hisses, amplified by the box-like body . As for springs, the new Berlingo does not betray the Citroen comfort, compared to a pricewhich inevitably reflects the improvements on all fronts of which this last generation has benefited. A 2019 Citroen Berlingo XL Blue HDi 100 under construction Feel starts at € 24,350. Set up as the sample under test (with seven seats and a long series of options that you find below) costs € 29,570.

2019 Citroen Berlingo XL Multispace: Good 7-Seater Vans Pictures

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